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Sling babies

“You will make a clingy baby” “Doesn’t that hurt your back?!” “What if you fall over?” “Can’t you afford a pram?” All of these questions and more have been asked whilst I have carried Tilly.…

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A letter for my baby

    You’re first birthday has come and gone. We no longer tend to count your age in months but count it in years. Your moving away from babyhood and becoming a toddler. I fear…

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Flower art

Although we love flowers let’s not forget that the bee’s love flowers too. We only pick and play with flowers that will end up in the belly of the mower. The bee’s need for them…

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Days out – Tintern Abbey

Today after a long lovely walk we found ourselves passing Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire and with a spare couple of hours it seemed a shame not to stop. An area of outstanding beauty with this beautiful…

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A more mature mum

About 6 months ago I joined a Facebook group for parents with babies all born on the same year and month. I’m not sure why I joined this group, it was a decision made in…

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