Thoughts and happenings

All sorts go in here but mainly pieces personal to me. From my anxiety to how  I’m generally feeling at a particular time.

A message for my son (on the eve of your 7th birthday)

14 months ago your sister arrived. You have always wanted to be a big brother and you have become the very best big brother anyone could ask for. Whilst my life has been taken over…

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Managing the first few months of parenthood.

The above photograph came up on my time hop this morning along with the words ‘it’s 10pm and I am ready to party’. I would love to say it made me think nice thoughts of…

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Sling babies

“You will make a clingy baby” “Doesn’t that hurt your back?!” “What if you fall over?” “Can’t you afford a pram?” All of these questions and more have been asked whilst I have carried Tilly.…

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A letter for my baby

    You’re first birthday has come and gone. We no longer tend to count your age in months but count it in years. Your moving away from babyhood and becoming a toddler. I fear…

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A more mature mum

About 6 months ago I joined a Facebook group for parents with babies all born on the same year and month. I’m not sure why I joined this group, it was a decision made in…

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