Working and Playing at Blissfields 2016

Working and Playing at Blissfields 2016



This is the fourth time we have worked and played at what I consider one of my most favourite festivals. It is small but so perfectly formed. I really don’t have any negatives about this festival and it is now my son’s favourite. Blissfields is always the first weekend of July and it is now known as the festival that is always sunny. This year we did get the odd shower but nothing compared to the rain before the festival. Totally respect to the bliss crew, they had to set up in terrible conditions but you would never of known by the time the gates opened and they had done a fab job of keeping the grass lovely and mud free. We arrived on the Wednesday night in heavy rain but I’m lucky to work with a fabulous crew that helped me set up.


Angel Gardens

We work and play with the angels in Angels gardens. The best children’s festival crew in the UK (I may be slightly biased). You can’t really call it work, making hundreds of children smile, laugh and learn through play. I was based in the baby tent and got to sing songs, do messy play and help with baths and cuddles. Outside of the baby tent you could make clay dwarfs, capes, seed bombs. Older children could have a go at graffiti, dj school, beat boxing and circus schools. In the evenings the full of fire team take over and put on the best fire show you will see at any festival. We also have toilets just for children and any naughty adults caught using will have every child shouting at you when you exit.


Snow white and lots of HI HO

It was all about Snow White this year in Angel Gardens so all activities became loosely based on a Snow white theme. We had dwarf school taken by the amazing pirate Dan. By the end of the weekend children would gather in seconds when the shouts of HI HO HI HO came out over the area. We taught them a dance to scare off the evil auntie Em. We took all the dwarfs and a few dwarf mummy and daddies on a parade across the whole bliss site to a party house and we found a very sleepy snow white. Thankfully good old prince charming woke her with a kiss and we all scared evil auntie Em off with the dance the children had learnt. We even had the wedding that everyone was invited to. It’s a total honour to be working alongside such an incredible team and I know every child (and most adults loved it).


You do have perks to being crew and one of these is pretty much access all areas. We took some of the children on a back stage tour and they got to have a close up look at all the space and spotted Dizzee Rascal coming out for his set. We of course had to stay and watch him finish the show that night and he was really amazing, the boys loved it and I managed to squeeze them to the front barrier to watch.


Other bits of bliss

Blissfields does not include a map in the information and I love them for that. It means you have to get out and explore the space, whilst exploring you may find Area 51, a space maybe not for children at night but Dylan loved checking out the crazy sculptures in the day and having a dance to the ‘mad music’ as he called it. The den was a large tent with music on till the early hours. We watched Roni Size backstage one night, a total honour and amazing experience.


The bay was a new area this year and we didn’t get to see much of it due to be busy dwarfs but I heard it had a brilliant beach, in the day things for little folk to play with in the sand and at night a party space with cocktails and djs playing till the early hours.

You may never have experienced a festival before, perhaps you want something small and perfectly formed to be able to easily get around. If this is the case I completely recommend taking a weekend out of your schedule in July and head to Blissfields. We all love this festival. We will be back next year so come and say hello or make sure you find the Angels at Truck festival, ynot festival or Latitude in the next few weeks.










8 thoughts on “Working and Playing at Blissfields 2016

  1. I was at Blissfields 2016 and was so impressed with the guy who was dressed as a pirate. Each time I came within sight of the children’s area he was working so hard, they were all running after him, playing and laughing – a real pleasure to watch. My children have all grown up, in fact one of them is Ben, who worked to set up this amazing festival. Blissfields is a wonderful experience for kids of all sizes ❤️

    1. Pirate Dan 🙂 he’s brilliant and the kids adore him. Im sure I know Ben, was he there with his nan and grandad? X

  2. Oh how fabulous! I noticed that you were there over the weekend, I’m so glad you had such a great time. I look forward to being able to take my girls to a proper festival for the whole weekend, we’ve only managed day ones so far.

    1. You would love Bliss and it’s not to long a drive. Seriously give it a go next summer if you can, they also provide a letter of educational absence to give your school 🙂

  3. Sounds like you have had a ball of a time (again) at Bliss.

    Love the sound of making seed bombs! They would make brilliant presents.

    Great experience for the children and to have the freedom to play and learn xx

  4. This looks AMAZING! We are trying out festivals as a family for the first time this year and I’m gutted we’ve missed this one! See you there next year hopefully 🙂

    1. It’s such a perfect size, especially if you haven’t done any festivals before. It’s also a nice length of time, often by the Sundays at festivals you and the childen have had enough but bliss finishes on the Saturday night so you can make your way home on the Sunday.

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