Welcome to the Shed

Welcome to the Shed

“Write something” she said, “I’m revamping EBF and I’m going to give you your own section of the
site. You write well, you’ve got stuff to say and it’ll be good to have a different perspective”

So, after a fortnight of nagging, here it is, The Shed. I’m Jules, Vicky has had the pleasure of my
company for the last 25 years, I’m a man of pretty simple tastes, I love my tunes, footie, fishing and

I’m lucky enough to have two real life sheds, they are my sanctuary, my little haven away from work,
and yes the bedlam of the house. I’m more than happy to spend a few hours sorting out my fishing
and camping gear, chopping wood, repairing everything from bikes to dolls house furniture with
some music on.

I think this what this section of Earth Based Fun will emulate. A section that’ll take you away from
the humdrum of life, from being waist deep in the river casting a line in the middle of a Mayfly
hatch, to choosing, cutting and treating a walking stick (Rock ‘n’ Roll eh!) music reviews, book
reviews, more fishing, family fun, camping tips and tricks, how to stay sane towing a caravan with
Children in the vehicle, bit more fishing, Dad and Lad footie trips, Dad and Daughter fishing trips (the
fishing thing, it’s a pretty big deal in the Shed) and anything else that I’ll be interested enough in to
get round to typing up a piece after being hassled by The Editor.

Welcome to The Shed. Don’t touch anything, there is a place for everything and everything in its place


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Shed

  1. Nice post Jules but you have neglected to mention the most important details like whether you have tea facilities in the shed?

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