The Shed

A place for Mr EBF to write and share thoughts. Any posts or reviews he has will go in his shed.

Staying connected in the countryside

This year marks our tenth anniversary of moving from the City back to the countryside. When we took the decision to move, we wrote a list, Pros and Cons of living in both the city…

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A good day? (By Mr EBF ❤️)

My Dads got Cancer. Inoperable, terminal liver and oesophageal cancer. I’m still very much coming to terms with this fact. I’ve not cried, I’ve not got angry, I’ve not questioned the existence of a God…

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Welcome to the Shed

“Write something” she said, “I’m revamping EBF and I’m going to give you your own section of the site. You write well, you’ve got stuff to say and it’ll be good to have a different…

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