Thoughts and happenings

All sorts go in here but mainly pieces personal to me. From my anxiety to how  I’m generally feeling at a particular time.

To my Daughter on international women’s day

It seems pretty fitting, on International Women’s Day, to write a letter to the single most important female in my life. Because although you are “only” just three (four in a few weeks as you…

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Why children need to play outside

Many children have never experienced traditional childhood activities like making daisy-chains, building sandcastles or playing in a forest. Despite the popularity of Peppa Pig, so many children never get to jump in muddy puddles or play in…

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New log Burner – Tips for use

Much excitement here this week. We’ve got a new log burner. The mess and dust has been horrendous but it is so worth it. If you haven’t had a log burner there are a few…

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Ideas for decorating a child’s bedroom

A child’s bedroom needs to serve multiple purposes – playroom, study and sanctuary – but its most important role is to provide your child (whatever their age) with a place of comfort and safety to…

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How to move with children

Moving house can be so very stressful without children so when you throw children into the mix it gets even more stressful. I have put some tips together to help: How to Move House With…

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