Secondly, you might want to consider buying a day ticket to a festival not far from home, rather than going the whole hog straight away. I think it’s the best introduction to the workings of a festival; you can see how the kids last, test boredom and patience thresholds, and know that you’ve got the comfort of your own bed and bathroom at the end of the day to look forward to.

 Arriving and Setting up

This is probably the most painful part (well nearly as painful as the packing up bit!). It very much depends on the age of the children with you. If you can a baby or young toddler, I would recommend trying to put them in a carrier that way you have hands free and do not worry about them wondering off or keep in a buggy and if necessary have plenty of snacks to give them. Older children can help you, keep them busy and most importantly do not let them wonder off. When the site is being set up it is changing so quickly and even as a adult a trip to the toilets can get you lost!

What to bring

The list is pretty much endless and you will never remember anything and it really does not matter if you do forget somethings that is part of the fun of a festival but as a good start I would suggest

  • A good pram or even better a baby carrier.
  • A trolley to carry kit in and whilst out the festival throw some cushions and blankets in and transform it into a child transporter
  • Waterproof ponchos
  • Potty
  • Fancy dress clothes (essential for giving children a boost when tired!)
  • Baby wipes, suncream, bin bags, basic first aid kit, hats
  • Snacks (think filling, healthy, suitable in hot and cold weather that wont go off)
  • Things like bubbles, Frisbees, facepainting kits,couple of books, colouring kit and things to play with around tents
  • When it comes to clothes think layers, layers and more layers
  • Ear protectors