Driving me round the bend

Driving me round the bend

This summer, we are spending three weeks towing our Caravan though western France into Spain. We start our journey from home to Portsmouth, then the Ferry to Caan, on down though Le Mann, Ile de Rae, Biarritz and then in Spain and the ferry home from Santander.

860 miles. 860 miles towing 1.75 tonnes with three bikes on the roof, two children in the back, dog in the boot, wife navigating (and mediating!). 

There has been a recent survey about distractions while driving. I’m going to bet that I’m going to experience the entire list on this trip! 

We have been recently approached by Lease Car, a Personal Contract Hire company to highlight their campaign #UKDrivingdistractions, they must of thought we might be qualified!

Apparently noise is the number one distraction, and specifically music, Heavy Metal, Electronica and Rock come out on top as the most distracting. So note to self, no Beastie Boys while driving! 

Eating came out second, which again I’ve been guilty of,especially when at work and I’m running late for meetings or have just not had time to stop. Other things such as shaving (not with this beard) putting on make up (come on who hasn’t reapplied their lippy at the lights? I certainly have!) and then as listed above, pets, kids, carrying cargo. We’ve attached the infographic of the survey to the bottom of this post so you can see for yourselves. 

We will of course ensure that the dog is secure in the back of the car, we’ll take regular breaks to rest (and eat!) We’ll shave and apply makeup before leaving. We will ensure that the children are entertained in the back and we’ll be listening to nice calming music!

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