A different stroke.

A different stroke.


Today we got the paint brushes out but not traditional style brushes. Little hands can struggle to hold traditional style brushes so we made something a little easier for a one year old to hold. We used cotton wool, pegs and paint (use edible paint if you prefer) and have a lot of baby wipes close by if your painting indoors.received_10154215044837922

I started by showing Tilly how to hold and dab the paint on the paper. I was expecting her to put it straight in her mouth but she copied my actions and got stuck straight in. Paint did go all over her when she decided to crawl over the paper but apart from that one messy moment it was fine and she enjoyed it.


We made a different style of brush for the 7 year old. We gathered sticks, leaves, flowers and simply tied them all together. It was tempting to use as a wand but he eventually settled with using them to paint with!


One thought on “A different stroke.

  1. How lovely! I’d never thought of using different things to make paint brushes, but we did use shaving foam for finger painting when Libby first started learning to write her name, for some reason she found it so much easier to form the letters in her name when she used her finger and then that transferred really smoothly into doing it with a pen.

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