Building Hedgehog Cafes

Building Hedgehog Cafes

After so many people loved seeing the bug hotel we created it seemed only fair that we gave the hedgehogs some love. We have also discovered the RSPB wildlife challenge,  we love a challenge and of course medals so we thought we would give it a go.

Making the hotel

Hedgehogs are notoriously private animals, only coming out at night, and running at the first sign of a predator. With this in mind, the hedgehog cafe needs to be strong, sturdy and dry, a place where the hedgehog can raise its young. This doesn’t need to be expensive, we tried making two different types. We made one using a plastic box that we simply overturned, and one of bricks.

Ensure the hedgehog cafe is fully enclosed to keep the hedgehogs protected against the elements. This can be as large, or as small, as you wish but I would suggest you make it approx 30-40cm large in order to allow the hedgehogs to move around comfortably inside.  At the front of the tunnel you need to create another smaller tunnel which is approximately 11cm by 15cm. With the plastic box we used a old flower pot but ideally could do with a tube or drain pipe to finish it off. The brick one we simply created a tunnel with the bricks.

Fill the box with dry leaves and grass and secure the lid. Then you can decorate the hedgehog cafe. After taking the photos we turned each cafe to face the edge of the garden as hedgehogs naturally like to push up against walls, fences or water banks.

For feeding you can use cat or dog food but I personally prefer dry as it doesn’t rot and become full of maggots. Meal worms are good too but you only need a few or peanuts.

RSPB Wildlife challenge

For more information on the RSPB wildlife challenge check out the page and just register for the challenge. There are 24 different activities to choose from, plenty to keep you busy over Easter. Just simply take a photo, write about it or draw a picture. You can find more on building hedgehog cafes or choose a different activity but the more you do the more likely you are to get gold. Next on the list for us is a bug safari. Let us know how you get on with the challenge. We have really enjoyed getting involved.

4 thoughts on “Building Hedgehog Cafes

  1. This is brilliant Vicky, I love it! When we get around to sorting our garden out I’m going to make something like this with the girls. I’ll be checking back then to see how it’s done.

    1. It really was very simple, the children loved it and they go and check every morning for any hedgehog arrivals 🙂

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