Fruit, juice and Lolly pops

Fruit, juice and Lolly pops

A favourite way to spend some time in the Summer holidays for my children is fruit picking. I actually really enjoy it too and you can find so many farms now that have parks, cafes and animals as well as the fruit picking so you can really make a day of it. It costs very little but it can easily fill a day.

The other option is to go wild and pick from your garden or the fields. We have so many blackberries around us, plenty to share with all the wildlife. What ever fruit you pick be it from a farm or a field it’s always worth considering what you are going to do with it before picking. The children love to juice themselves but you could consider making life easier for yourself or at least letting them do some and you do the rest in a juicer if you are looking to get one then I recommend having a look at juicers uk 

One of the children’s favourite things to make with the fruit especially in this insanely hot weather is fruit and yogurt lolly pops. So simple and so much better for them than bought lolly pops and definitely cheaper. You can use what ever fruit you have picked. We made apple, blackberry and yogurt lolly pops today. It’s lovely that Matilda can see the whole process happen, from picking the fruit to eating the finished lolly.

I just let her go smashing crazy with a spoon and the fruit. A number of berries got eaten in the process but that’s part of the fun. When all the berries had been turned to liquid she mixed with yogurt. We used old yogurt pots and sticks. I put a chunk of apple in the bottom of each pot to keep the stick standing and the children like to eat the apple in the bottom.

It can be messy but the end result is very tasty and they love the whole process. Let them get creative and add and change the ingredients. Let us know how you get on and what creations you come up with, happy juicing!

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  1. Aww this looks like so much fun! We did go strawberry picking and made some ice cream from ours too (we cheated though and stuck it in a machine, not as fun!)

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