Gotta New Rose

Gotta New Rose


I am a very lucky lady.  The team at Rose and Rebellion asked Matilda and I to have a go at using their inbetween carrier. We already have the baby and toddler carrier and we love it so jumped at the chance of trying out the larger size. The main difference between the two is pretty much down to the weight that you carry but the inbetween carrier also has a extra chest strap and is just a little larger.received_10154748367512922

All Rose and Rebellion carriers are buckled carriers which means that it fastens with a series of buckles. There is a thick waistband, which is different to a lot of carriers and one of the reasons I love the Rose and Rebellion design, it creates a lovely seat for Matilda and gives you lots of back support. The strap system that is really good as the whole carrier is adjustable in a number of different places, meaning that it will suit most baby shapes and sizes. The carrier itself is really lightweight, and comes with a lovely bag for storage. Without a doubt it’s the Rose and Rebellion carrier that I get asked about the most. As well as the usual questions and comments, the R&R always gets the most love. Last week I had a girl come and ask me if I knew where the material was from as she would love  it as a t shirt!

It is reversible to a plain black side but I prefer to show off the amazing design. All the designs that Rose and Rebellion do in my opinion are the best you can get on a carrier, really stunning works of art.fb_img_1477922990675

Another thing that I love about Rose and Rebellion is how the carriers are produced. Based in Wales, on the outskirts of Swansea on the Carmarthenshire border. They run the manufacturing unit from an old post office in the village. It feels like I am supporting a local business, that really love what they do. Even down to the tiny perfect stitching, it feels like so much love has gone into the carrier.received_10154748367422922

You can even contact them and request your very own personal design, they will work with you on designing a carry to your own personal specifications. They also sell extra bits like suck pad’s if your baby likes to chew on the straps, bibs to match the carriers and toy carriers that would make a lovely Christmas present for any children that may be keen to carry there dolls or teddies.fb_img_1477922778665

The carrier can be used on front of back and either way it is easy to work. I prefer to carry on my back now and Matilda is more that happy peeping out over my shoulder. We have recently got a puppy and it’s been so much easier throwing her on my back and going out for walks over the fields rather than messing about with a pram. On my back she is warmer and dry under the hood if needed. We have been known to go out first thing in pj’s and no coat, in a carrier you need not worry about lots of layer’s. You create the heat the child needs and keeps them at a perfect temperature. received_10154737504472922

Carrying your child is so much easier than fighting with a pram. It’s the one thing I always recommend to new parents. It’s been a massive help to me this time and has most importantly kept my hands free and given me flexibility to still do things with my son. I have tried numerous carriers and slings, some have not worked for me and some have. The Rose and Rebellion has very much worked and it is the one I always reach for. It’s easy to use, quick to adjust, light to carry when not being used and totally beautiful to look at.


I really can’t put into words how much I have loved the experience of carrying Matilda, I carried her for 9 months so why not keep that natural connection going. I’m thankful to all the companies that make carriers and have given me the opportunity to have this wonderful experience but I’m especially thankful for the Rose and Rebellion team for making it just that extra bit special for all of us.

4 thoughts on “Gotta New Rose

  1. Ah that’s a beautiful carrier, I love it! It’s funny how personal baby wearing is. I never got on with the ones with fasteners and straps, the ring sling was perfect for me. It’s great that there’s so much choice out there so everyone can find their perfect carrier. Babywearing is one of the best things I did with my two.

    1. I loved my ring sling but I never felt like I could go hands free with it. Always felt like I had to support her. It’s taken me a while to have the confidence to back carry but after making myself do it, I can’t now throw her on even when she is mid tantrum throwing herself all over the place 🙂

  2. Lovely post Vicky. Although I don’t have children myself I totally see the benefit of “baby wearing” and in your rural location, as an active family I can see why this was a great option for you.

    The designs look beautiful.

    1. Thanks Mel, it just makes life so much easier. Matilda will happily walk but she likes to walk in a different direction or stops to look at everything so it can make dog walking difficult. The carrier is a saviour 🙂

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