The green, green artificial grass of home

The green, green artificial grass of home

I sometimes wonder if we actually have a dog or a rabbit. My back garden looks like it’s had a plough go across it. My gorgeous 2 year old Labrador does love to have a dig. We’ve tried filling in holes with bricks, filling in with mud and putting new grass seed down but nothing works. The front garden she never touches but the back garden is destroyed. We have looked at several different options. The replanting option we have tried and it just gets dug up again. We’ve considered slabbing the whole area but I do love to look out of the back windows and see the grass (or at the moment the mud). The other option and the one we are going for is fake grass 

We have shopped around and we have decided to go with grass-direct. It was important to us that the grass is 100% animal friendly and of course safe for the children to play on.  Grass direct Manufacture the grass from only the highest quality eco-materials, your new lawn is free from lead and cadmium; causing no harm to animals or children and it withstands the constant digging that my naughty dog loves to do.

We’ve never had artificial grass before and I was completely clueless to how it works and one of my first thoughts was, what happens when the  dog does for a wee on it?  Well the synthetic blades will not discolour whilst ample drainage holes make quick work of hosing away the excess. You will have no nasty smells or lasting effects so all is good.

If all this isn’t enough here are some other benefits;

  • There is hardly any maintenance needed for artificial grass and a even bigger bonus, no lawn to mow!
  • No more dog holes dug into the lawn.
  • No mud and believe me we get A LOT of mud here (a Cottage in the country)
  • You don’t have to water it in the Summer
  • If there is a patch in your garden that doesn’t get much sunlight and always seems to be frozen or doesn’t grow, Artificial grass allows you to fill that patch!

So bring on the artificial grass, I am looking forward to a mud free, hole free, easy to maintain and very green back garden. I’m dreaming about this garden (and the sun)!


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