Matilda and rainbows

Matilda and rainbows

I absolutely love rainbows to the point that I am looking at designs for rainbow tattoos. I have always found them facinating and quite beautiful. It seems my love of rainbows has been passed onto Matilda and I’m not surprised as she is my rainbow baby, a name for a child that arrives after losing a child. A rainbow follows after a storm and gives hope of things getting better and if Matilda could be summed up then that’s absolutely her.

I have wanted rainbows to be a big part of her bedroom for sometime. Until recently, her room was a blank canvas and we have not really known what to decorate it with as we wanted to wait for her to have things she wanted not just what we liked. I knew I wanted a wall sticker and wanted a rainbow for her room, so when we were asked to review a wall sticker from stickerscape it was obviously which one we had to have.

About Stickerscape

Stickerscape make high quality wall stickers especially for children. Their multi award-winning wall stickers can give any nursery, bedroom or playroom a super-speedy makeover and transform plain walls into fun backgrounds for exciting, imaginative play.

Proudly manufacturing in the UK, they produce all the wall stickers at their Hampshire base, which means that they are more than happy to take on bespoke commissions or personalise designs to ensure that you get a finished result that’s perfect for your space and family.

The wall stickers are made from the highest quality materials which will remove cleanly (without damaging the paintwork!) when the time comes for a change.


Firstly the packaging was brilliant. The tube it came in was strong inside the tube it was wrapped and presented beautifully in blue tissue with all the instructions.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow. You only had to read through the once to understand exactly what needed to be done. Certain stickers would need to be cut to size but the one we had didn’t need to be.

I applied it slowly and steadily. I did get Big brother to entertain a very excited Matilda in the other room, having her around whilst applying it wouldn’t be recommend! I had no issues with any of the print not sticking to the wall and it peeled off easily without any bubbles in the stickers, which is quite impressive considering I even managed to get bubbles on the sticker screen on my phone!

The result was way better than I imagined if I’m honest. It’s bright, clear and doesn’t even look like a sticker. Matilda absolutely loves it and every night before laying down she touches it and gives it a kiss. The stars on it glow in the dark and shine just above her. It’s really lovely and I can’t recommend it enough. We all love it but most importantly Matilda gets her rainbow.

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