Mud glorious mud with vintage apple crates

Mud glorious mud with vintage apple crates

When you move to the country you prepare yourself for so many things, the one thing I wasn’t really that prepared for was the relentless streams of mud that seem to end up on my wooden floors. The children are good and will kick boots off but it’s normally exactly that. Muddy boots kicked off with mud flying everywhere. The one thing we could do to prevent this was organising a way of storing muddy boots, and the way we have found to do it is with vintage apple crates.

Vintage apple crates are just that, they source original apple crates and make them into beautiful storage. We are doing everything we can to avoid buying plastic so having storage like this is so much better for the environment and they look so much better. They do a huge range of different storage but for now we wanted to get rid of the muddy boots so this box is perfect for us. The crate is larger than I actually imagined (50cm length x 40cm depth x 30cm height) considering we have 4 pairs of boots and a couple of pairs of walking boots they all easily fit in or you could fit a toddler in boots in with no problems! The lettering is hand stencilled and fits with the rustic charm of the box. Where you store your box is up to you. For the time being we are keeping it in the porch but in the summer it will move outdoors by the front door. The great thing about it is that it has a large gap under the top slat so they can easily be carried when full or empty. How you store the boots inside is up to you too but with our busy house it’s very much a throw them inside any which way!

It really has proven to be a big help here and when not being used as a box for muddy boots it also makes a very good aeroplane (according to Matilda). 


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