Oscar and Hooch – Review of collar and lead

Oscar and Hooch – Review of collar and lead

What dog doesn’t like going for walkies? Penny (Penny Lane named as Dylan is obsessed with the Beatles) certainly loves them. In fact she bounces around like a kangaroo and races to the front door the moment you said “walk…(runs)… ies”

We have tried several collars and leads for Penny but she does love to roll in mud and go swimming in ponds, so the collars never seem to last long. 

I wanted something I could throw in the washing machine yet it would be tough wearing and soft, and pretty which is very important! After a bit of searching I find the collar that ticked all of those boxes.

Oscar and hooch sent Penny the most perfect collar.

For starters it’s purple. I just love purple (others colours are available). It’s machine washable, essential for my muddy hound. It’s water friendly, Penny is half Labrador so that means she loves nothing more than a dunk in the river. Her other half is spaniel so she loves to have a sniff through the brambles but the collar is scratch resistant and finally it’s hard wearing, a must for a country dog like Penny. The collars come in several sizes so just double check the size you need before ordering.

The lead matches in colour and like the collar it is washable and very strong and durable. Both the lead and collar are super soft for me to hold and soft for Penny to wear. 

All the collars and leads are handmade in Somerset and you can tell a lot of love go into them. I also want to mention the packaging, not that Penny was bothered but I loved the box that it came in along with a little note for Penny (it’s the little things that make a difference). If you have a four legged friend that needs a new collar then I totally recommend this one and Penny definitely agrees. 

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