Rainy days and Sundays always make me glad

Rainy days and Sundays always make me glad

‘This post was written in collaboration with Snazaroo’

We are desperate for some sun or at least for the snow and rain to clear up. I am running short of rainy day ideas, really you can only play hide and seek in a house as small as ours so many times.

Just before the snow arrived we had a parcel arrive that has honestly kept us sane the past few weeks. Even Dylan at the grand old age of 8 (nearly 9 as he keeps telling me) was impressed. We had a box of face paints arrive from Snazaroo. To celebrate the launch of the final character of Snazaroo’s partnership with Disney we have been kindly sent the paints. The final character in the how-to guides is Kion the lion, from Disney Junior’s show ‘The Lion Guard’. 

Now I am really not a face painter. I’ve tried several times, it sort of comes as part of the job when you work at so many festivals but apart from a few flowers and some glitter I have always struggled to face paint. I can’t tell you how much money it’s cost me over the years at festivals so it’s time to get practicing before the season kicks off again and it may even save me some money!

Dylan was quite easy to paint, he wasn’t particularly happy about it but he sat patiently. I can’t share any pictures as he refused to let me take his picture. Matilda was a nightmare! She wiggled, moved constantly, rubbed it and kept running off when she got bored.

The paint was easy to work with. Add a drop of water and get painting. When Matilda rubbed it the paint stayed in place, unless I actually wanted it off and then it came off easily. It left no marks and friends who’s children have sensitive skin tell me it’s the best paint they have used for sensitive skin.

The pack came with a instruction book that had plenty of examples of characters to paint and a guide on how to paint each one. The tigers and lions were a big hit here and the sponges helped to do the initial orange face. The pack had two brushes which did the job but if you wanted to improve or do more detail it may be worth using a water colour paintbrush.

Thank you Snazaroo for keeping us busy over those snow days it was a pleasure playing with the paints and with the paint going along way we  have plenty more faces left to paint. I will keep practicing and fingers crossed by the Summer festival season I will be an expert of sorts. 

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