The perfect present created by magic

The perfect present created by magic

We lived in the city for years, boots were strictly the heeled, leather sort not wellingtons or waders. That all changed 8 years ago when we moved to the country. We have a boot box over spilling with different makes and sizes of boots so when I spotted the boot design pictures from created by magic I had to get one. It’s such a perfect picture to sum up our little family.

I love how personalised the picture is. When initially designing you can pick different coloured boots and styles to suit the members of your family. It is easy to navigate around the site, designing the print and if you do have any issues the team are quick to respond. The whole designing process took me roughly 15 minutes and I didn’t shout at the computer once! 

You can accessorise the boots and add animal paw prints. Mr Ebf is a fisherman, he eats, sleeps and breathes finishing so I requested a fishing rod next to his boots and they added it quite perfectly to the picture. I always wear muck boots and Dylan had a pair of gold boots for years, Matilda has several pairs of pink boots and the animals just have big paw prints that tend to end up all over the Cottage floors.

You can get other prints too from weddings to birthdays, each print is personalised for you. The welly prints start at £18 for a A4 print but for a further £6 you can get an A3 on Matt print.

I asked for the picture to arrive for Father’s Day and it arrived well packaged in plenty of time. Julian absolutely loves it, we all do. It’s taken pride of place on the wall next to the front door so it’s the first thing you see when you walk in and it makes me smile ever time I walk into the house. 

Disclosure: we were sent this personalised print from created by magic in exchange for this review 

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