Treating myself – a swimming costume review for UK swimwear

Treating myself – a swimming costume review for UK swimwear

I have had my swimming costume for years and my bikinis for even longer. It’s just not a priority for me, like most of my wardrobe my costumes date back to BK (before kids). Even though my daughter has a different swimming costume for every day of the week and my son the same, I have the one staple costume that comes out for the gym and holidays.

When contacted by UK swimwear I initially hesitated as I don’t generally review clothes for myself, only for the children but after thinking about it I thought why not? I absolutely need a new one and the past 6 months have been not without trial and it is about time I treated myself. So with a glass of wine in hand I sat in the comfort of my lounge and loaded up the site.

The first thing to note is the massive amount of choice. Swimming costumes of all styles for any shape and in lots of colours and designs. I wanted to get 3 different styles for myself.

I decided I wanted one that could be used for throwing on to comfortably play with the children and feel safe in the knowledge everything is going to remain unseen whilst going down waterslides when on holiday. I picked the Speedo Boom All Over Muscleback Swimsuit. Mainly because I loved the colour.

I wanted another more glamorous one for the times I may possibly get to lay around the pool on holiday but still practically enough to be able to play with the children. I went for a costume called Little Kiss Carla Swimsuit.

Finally I wanted something that I could quickly throw on over a costume around the pool. Always handy when one of the children want to go to the loo or get yet another ice-cream! I loved this Miss Matisse Marettimo Green Sun Dress and it was actually the first thing I put in the shopping basket.

With my shopping complete the order was sent off and arrived really quickly wrapped beautifully. The first thing I noted in particular with the dress and the Carla swimsuit was the incredible quality. They felt so thick and soft. I tried them on and honestly had not felt so good in any item of clothing for a longtime. To the point I have already decided the dress fits so beautifully I would happily wear it out on a night on holidays.

Thank you UK swimwear for making me treat myself for a change. Something I think us Mums are generally pretty rubbish at. I am over the moon with all of my items and can’t wait to get modelling them on holiday.

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