Trekker BBQ – review and giveaway

Trekker BBQ – review and giveaway

I love a BBQ, we all do. Given the choice the children (and Penny the dog) would have bbq every day. Any excuse to be outside. Combine that with being an enthusiastic carnivore a good BBQ ticks all of the boxes.

We were looking for a gas BBQ that we could take away with us on caravanning holidays. We’ve got an external gas connector on the van so a portable compact BBQ works for us. The Trekker by Outback ticked all of the boxes.

It comes with two sets of legs, one for table top use, and a set for stand alone. The grill plate is reversable, a hot plate one side and griddle the other. It’s also really easy to clean, it just takes a few wipes and was and it’s ready to go again. The Trekker packs down into a bag small enough to stow in the front storage of our caravan.

I have removed the gas regulator that it ships with (how many gas BBQ manufactures can boast that!?) and fitted with the external gas connector for our Caravan.

The Piezo lighting system makes lighting simple and the heat can be regulated accurately. The lid, which fantastically, is on a hinge so you don’t have to keep putting it on the ground/tabletop is nicely domed so heat is retained and allows the Trekker to act as a mini oven as well as hot plate/grill.

Outback don’t just do bbqs, have a look at the Outback website for more camping items. We have a couple of the chairs and they are without a doubt some of the best camping chairs we have had (and we have had a lot!)

Anyway, don’t take our word for it. Outback have very generously provided us with a Trekker BBQ to give away. Just follow the link below to enter!

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20 thoughts on “Trekker BBQ – review and giveaway

    1. Home-made hamburgers, lean finely minced meat, a little flour and eggs to bind plus salt and pepper and a few sprigs of rosemary. Yummy!

  1. We love a good bbq in this house too and have enjoyed trying out some new recipes on the bbq like a whole chicken and slow cooked pulled pork, makes a nice change to the normal burgers and sausages

  2. Believe it or not I’ve read this while taking a break from putting together a barbecue! But it isn’t as good as the Trekker! Enjoyed reading your review x

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