Wicked Uncle Review by Dylan (age 9)

Wicked Uncle Review by Dylan (age 9)

My Mum told me that the people from a company called Wicked uncle wanted me to test out some toys. I even got to pick which toys I wanted. Me and Mum went onto the website and had a good look through. The website was easy to use and find things, I like the fact it gave ages for searching to make it easier. 

We made a list of about ten things but in the end I decided on the mini arcade machine because I love gaming and the Stikbots because I like making videos and using cameras. We ordered the toys and they arrived quickly and they had been well packed. 

So this is my review, I hope you like it; 

Mini Arcade Machine

This is a game machine with games from the 1980’s it’s a hand held game with 240 games on it. The controls on it are a joystick and 2 buttons which are A and B. The games are fun. There are 4 types of game modes shooting and sports arcade and puzzle. I liked the sports ones the best. All the games are fun and amazing. The games are a mixture of hard and easy. My mum thought the music was a bit annoying but you can turn that off. I like the fact you can play with it on car journeys and it doesn’t need a signal like my iPad.

I would definitely recommend it for children from about age 6. My Dad liked playing it too so any age over 6 could play it. My sister is 3 and she pretended to play it but didn’t really know what she was doing, she just liked the noises.

Stikbots studio

The stikbots are just the coolest little robots ever. The pack came with two stikbots and a holder for Mums phone. Mum downloaded the app for me, she said it was free. When you have the app loaded you can start making videos. You basically take a picture of the stikbot in a position then move it and take another picture, then the app puts the pictures together to make a video. A bit like this;

Stikbot Video

I think the stikbots are amazing and all my friends that have played with them agree. I think anyone over the age of about 7 can enjoy playing with them and making videos. I haven’t let my sister play with them as I think little children might break them. It was easy to set up and quite easy to work out how to film and I am looking forward to making more films with them.

I just want to thank wicked uncle for sending me the toys to test out. I would love to be a chief toy tester and I totally recommend everyone getting the arcade and stikbots.

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