From woodchip to the Earth – My sons bedroom wish list

From woodchip to the Earth – My sons bedroom wish list

We’ve never decorated Dylans room. We did put down a laminate floor sometime ago but that’s all we have done to it. The walls are still covered in wood chip paper. Going off topic but why did anyone ever think it was a good idea to put up woodchip paper? When we first moved in it was like a woodchip igloo. Even the floors were woodchipped (slight exaggeration but felt like it). Anyway it’s time for his bedroom to get sorted out. Together we have been making a dream list of items and styles for his room. We slimmed it down from the initial 102 items he wanted including a aquarium to ten items. This is the top ten and gives an idea where to start with it.

1. Earth wall paper

He absolutely loves this. Dylan has already decided he is going to travel the world making money on the way through his photography. He told me if he had this wall paper he could look it every night and dream about all the places he can go. With an explanation like that, how can I refuse?


2. Beatles picture

Dylan is Beatles bonkers. He loves them and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about them. He wants a Beatles picture above his bed, we just have to decide on which one.

3. Notice Boards

I am trying to get Dylan to be more organised and keep track and up to date on all his school and club information. I suggested he has a board to help pin all his letters and information to. I also suggested it’s a lovely place to put a few photos. We searched together and found these boards from Sundeala. They are made from 100% recycled materials and they do bespoke sizes so we can the perfect size for his room. They’re also staple friendly meaning the staples stay put, which is probably for the best in a children’s bedroom and we both love the fact they are made with recycled materials.

4. Trofast storage

Everyone loves a bit of Trofast storage don’t they? We are planning a ikea trip soon and the trofast is on the list. It’s just great for throwing the toys in.

5. Book storage

We are still debating the best storage for his books. I like the box’s pictured but realistically they are probably more suited to a younger child’s room. We will keep looking for ideas, but if anyone has any then let us know.

6. Reading corner

We both Love the idea of a quite cosy reading space. We definitely want to combine this in the revamp. Comfortable bean bag seat is apparently essential according to Dylan.

7. chalk wall

Love this idea. As with the boards, think this would help with Dylan’s organisation skills and reminders. Doesn’t have to be a whole wall, even if we do a small section.

8. Moon Pictures

No description needed really, Just Moon pictures are needed to finish the room. The bigger the better.

9. Star ceiling

We are definitely looking at a moon and stars theme. This is lovely and would finish off the room perfectly. You can get the stars as transfers and add to ceiling.

10. Industrial storage

Dylan loves this, I’m not keen but it’s his room and if it helps keep all those toys tidy then I guess it’s a winner. The more storage the better in a 9 year olds bedroom!

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14 thoughts on “From woodchip to the Earth – My sons bedroom wish list

  1. I love that map wall. There’s some great ideas here, and I know N would love to have his room properly decorated. #sharingthebloglove

  2. He has so many wonderful ideas here – with the world map and the space theme he’s clearly going to be an explorer! I love the map wallpaper, I’d like to do something similar for my boys when they’re older, and the reading corner is a lovely idea. We wouldn’t have space for it in the boy’s bedrooms, but I’d like to dedicate a bit of the rest of the house to it perhaps. Good luck decorating! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. I love the Earth wallpaper! We travel a lot as a family and whilst I love travelling my Geography skills are appalling so I’d find it just as helpful as my kids! I like the chalk wall idea and the reading corner too. I’m hoping to move house soon, so I’ll add them to the dream list for when we decorate the kids’ rooms! #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. What a wonderful room! It’s great as it’ll work for Dylan as he grows. I particularly like the blackboard wall. Thank you for sharing

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