A message for my son (on the eve of your 7th birthday)

A message for my son (on the eve of your 7th birthday)


14 months ago your sister arrived. You have always wanted to be a big brother and you have become the very best big brother anyone could ask for. Whilst my life has been taken over with nappies, feeding and all things baby related you have grown so much. My little boy has changed in the past year, I see the man you will become in the boy in front of me. I have had moments when I have felt so guilty that I have not been able to be there for you. I remember in those first few months of Matilda being at home and co-sleeping, when you one night came in and we had to turn you away, it broke my heart and I was convinced you would hate me forever. They say blink for a second and you miss a child grow, I feel like I have had my eyes shut for a year.

You struggle so much with your academic work but have the widest imagination I or your teachers have known. Your understanding of the world around you shocks me at times. You can be stubborn and head strong. You are incredibly honest and always say what you think. To you being on the dreaded red at school would be the worst thing that could ever happen.

We always tell you to try your hardest and you always do. I promise this next year I will keep my eyes wider as your sister needs me less, I will give you more. To quote from your beloved Peter Pan ‘little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake a day older. That is why I always let you make your own way up to bed.

Happy 7th Birthday, my precious boy



18 thoughts on “A message for my son (on the eve of your 7th birthday)

    1. He had a wonderful birthday, laser quest sent me slightly over the edge and in need of wine but birthday boy loved it x

    1. He had a wonderful birthday, actually cried at bedtime as he didn’t want it to end! 7, still can’t belive it! X

    1. I suppose that is one the main reasons I started my blog, a way for my children to look on my ramblings and letters to them 🙂 x

    1. I am dreading the teenage years. Need to make the most of this age before all those hormones start running!

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