A more mature mum

A more mature mum

About 6 months ago I joined a Facebook group for parents with babies all born on the same year and month. I’m not sure why I joined this group, it was a decision made in the middle of one, never ending breast feeding night feed. It’s a lovely group but the one thing that has struck me is how old I am compared to all the other mothers in it. Some could be my children and we could be discussing my grandchildren. It’s a lovely group though and at times although I feel old it is also nice to give advise through more mature eyes.

This got me thinking about the question when is the ideal age to have a child? Is there an ideal age? I arrived late to the having a baby party compared to a number of my friends, it was never really part of the plan. Although together with Mr L for many years I was totally focused on my career and having a good time and children weren’t part of that plan but then I hit mid 30s and it was like a switch was turned and it was all I could think about.

I definitely get more tired and have less energy than most younger mums. I’m not sure how I got through the first 6 months of motherhood at 40 but you of course do for your children. I am generally a very patient person but I think as a mature mum you do have slightly more patience and perhaps your not so bothered about not going out every weekend unlike as a young mum you may feel your missing out on having a social life with friends who haven’t had children. 

I don’t really think it matters, young, old or middle aged we are in it together and as long as we can tell our children we love them even after the hardest days it doesn’t really matter.






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