How to move with children

How to move with children

Moving house can be so very stressful without children so when you throw children into the mix it gets even more stressful. I have put some tips together to help:

How to Move House With Children Under 5

You may think that for children under five years of age you will not have any problems but they may have established a very strong connection to the old home, or the people around it. The positive is at this age they’re very curious and like to explore new places and see new things.

So, as long as they know family is here, they will get used to the new place fast.

Don’t forget to think about ways to keep your children entertained on the day of the move. They don’t understand the stress that their parents go through during this tricky time so have a plan on things to go to keep them busy.

Now, here are a few tips for moving house with children over 5.

How to Move House With Children Over 5

Children can often be underestimated, but they are capable beyond our comprehension. When it comes time to move, consult with them. If you take children along to look at potential houses, allow them to have a voice in the place you choose, or even pick their own room, it’s less of a move and more of a family project.

  • Visit the new place. If you can afford a trip to the new place before the move, do so. Show them their new room. Ask how they would want the room decorated. Basically, let them have a say.
  • Give time to say goodbye. Prepare them for the time they may have to say goodbye to friends, they may obviously find this bit really hard. I don’t think there is much you can do about the upset with this, just be prepared for tears and be on hand for lots of cuddles and love.
  • Find new activities. The best way to make a child accustomed to a new place is to give them things to do. The best thing you can do is sign them up for after-school sports, or art classes. It’s the age where children need to try just about everything to find out what they like to do. And once they find it, pay special attention to their development.

Moving can be so stressful and with children even more so you can always get removal companies involved but be sure to do your research before picking the first one, companies like Getamover can help with the search.

Most of all focus on the new home and all the wonderful memories you and the children are going to make in it.

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