5 Reasons to choose Sicily for your next family Holiday

5 Reasons to choose Sicily for your next family Holiday

If you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to plan your next holiday or at least start taking a look at some of the best places to visit. If you’re thinking about visiting Italy, then you shouldconsider going to the island of Sicily. Here are 5 good reasons Sicily might be the ideal destination for your next vacation.

1. Gorgeous beaches
Being the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has some of the best beaches in the world. Due to the nature of itscoastline, there usually is a cool breeze and lots of green areas to enjoy it. Kite flying, kayaking, beach soccer, are just a few of the many activities more active travellers can enjoy. Choosing just one beach is hard, so the best thing to do is move around and explore a new place every day. A few not-to-miss spots are Scaladei Turchi, Cefalù, San Vito lo Capo, Isola Bella and Mondello. 

2. Great accommodation
There are many accommodation facilities all over Sicily, ranging from classic hotels to private accommodations. This last type is usually what Italians’ choose, as the local custom is to rent a privately owned home rather than a room in a hotel. The island offers a lot of options and on websites like Wishsicily you can find anything, even a luxury villa type home that in Sicily are usually very affordable. The idea is that a home gives you the flexibility and liberty to do as you see more fit, without being bound to schedules and other requirements of a hotel.  

3. Great local delicacies
There is nothing better than tasting new foods and exploring a country’s local cuisine. In Sicily, like the rest of Italy actually, the food is simply delicious and also offers a lot of variety, ranging from local Sicilian recipes to Italian classics. Among the unique dishes that can be found, arancini is one of the most popular. The food is also greatly appreciated by kids, as there are many options that they will love, like pizza, pasta with tomato sauce and ice-cream. 

4. Historical sites
If you are interested in historical sites, then Sicily is definitely a place worth considering. The island is full of ancient ruins, a fewof the most famous are the theatre of Taormina, the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the Temples of Selinunte and Ruins of Segesta. The richness of the island’s history contributes to the overall beauty of Sicily, giving it a unique feel.

Sicily is known to be one of the most beautiful regions of Italy;this is why a lot of Italians choose it as their destination for the summer holidays. Also, the community around this place is lovely: very family-friendly and the level of hospitality is beyond measure, making you instantly feel at home.

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