Five tips for choosing a perfect family car

Five tips for choosing a perfect family car

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A family car is different from other types of car. It is a taxi, a baby changing facility, a dining room (but a messy dining room), a place to throw temper tantrums (often mine), and a place to sleep and in my case at times a mobile office. Here is my top five tips on finding the perfect family car. More tips and advice can be found on

1. Size

Size should be what you first think about. Some of this is obvious – you should not get a car with five seats if you have a family with six people, for example. However you also have to think of other things when it comes to size, such as how much you need to carry in the boot, and how many car seats you need to fit in. In our case we spend a lot of time on the road, towing a caravan so it’s important to have space to be comfortable in too.

2. Car seats

This a whole subject on its own. I would basically just say for now to consider what seats You have or plan to have, think about the safety and the best car for those seats.

3. Boot Size

Super important. Do you need pram space still? Do you have a dog? Consider bags, shopping etc. Take prams and dogs with you if you need to when buying to make sure they fit! We have a large boot but yet still end up using a roof box when we go away on holidays.

4. Features for Children

Depending on how much time and how many miles you plan to travel this can be important and something I would look at next time we get a new car. I know children shouldn’t be reliant on screens but when we drive 6 hours plus without stopping those screens are needed! DVD screens and 12V power sockets in the back for charging tablets and hand-held game consoles all need to be considered.

5. Budget

Finally, work out your budget, and remember the initial cost of the car is only part of the equation. You also need to look at running, maintenance and insurance costs to ensure you don’t go over budget.

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