Making a dream holiday a reality

Making a dream holiday a reality

We have had the most wonderful Summer. Dylan especially has spent more time on beaches and in the sea than ever before. Two weeks in France was perfect and very much needed for all of us. We have had long weekends away and had some lovely days out with family and friends. I always find the more you enjoy the holiday the more you want to start planning the next one and that’s exactly what we have started to do.

What do we want from a family holiday?

This has changed over the years. The children although still young (4 and 10) like to be kept occupied or at least to have a swimming pool or beach to play on whilst we read a book for five minutes. They do love the beach and the pool but also love to go out and about exploring new places. We all love the caravan but the children are starting to want to experience a holiday further away, somewhere on a plane but with our own space so something like a villa. With us both now working full time and the children being a bit older we felt like now is a good time to do it as before you know it they become teens and don’t want to holiday with you!

Where to go?

Dylan’s suggestion is to put a pin in a map but I’ve told him he can do that when he has left home! We are looking at taking the caravan to Spain next year but would also love something further away too. We want a dream holiday that we can make a reality.

We talked about numerous places we could visit but the one place that keeps on getting mentioned is Thailand. We have been looking at different areas and all have fallen in love with Ko Samui. We have friends that have lived in Thailand and the obvious love they have for it has always made me want to go.

Making a dream holiday a reality

We started the search for a holiday focussing on the area of Ko Samui. We had decided we wanted a villa and had dates in mind. I find it easiest to just look on the internet for a holiday and recently I found a site called Villa Finder. A really easy to use site with the most beautiful villas listed. The villas come in a variety of sizes, most are close to the sea and a lot have swimming pools. The interiors look gorgeous, comfortable and fresh. I really like some of these in Bo Phut.

The company have a strong customer service, which is so important when booking a Holiday with children. They absolutely believe that customer happiness is the top priority and they have families using the villas more than anyone else. The villas are checked and maintained on a regular basis. They will help you pick a villa that suits your family as we all obviously want different things from a holiday. A concierge team will help with everything you need whilst on holiday and will organise anything and everything from Zumba classes to birthday parties so you don’t have to think or worry about anything.

Ko Samui is a very family-friendly destination, with a wide range of attractions and activities that will suit our family. Naturally, the top attraction in Samui is enjoying the beach and the activities available there – from building sandcastles to frolicking in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. It really will tick all the dream holiday boxes and having a stunning villa to stay at will just make it even more perfect.

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