New UK study looks at music and driving habits

New UK study looks at music and driving habits

New UK study looks at music and driving habits

A new study published by national car leasing firm All Car Leasing has unearthed some fascinating results on the audio habits of UK motorists. In this blog we’re going to break down some of the core points they’ve raised to share with our audience, we’re sure you’ll all find something interesting here and if not, then you can take a look at the really good infographic they’ve made or even listen in to the podcast the guys recorded covering the campaign entitle ‘blame it on the boogie’.

First things first, it looks like radio is still the most dominant channel that people get their noise from with more than half of respondents tuning in as opposed to own music and streaming services, podcasts and audiobooks. Surprisingly, listening to absolutely nothing was the third most popular choice during a commute. “We were very surprised to find so many people prefer the sound of silence to anything else. We were also surprised to find audiobooks get very little love even though they are now easier than ever to consume.” Added Ronnie Lawson-Jones, Chief Marketing Office at All Car Leasing.

Podcasts were mentioned in depth in the podcast and All Car Leasing went on to explain how BMW drivers were by far the most common consumers of this modern medium. Ronnie added “This was perhaps the biggest talking point where it looks like an anomaly but there were enough stats behind it that it couldn’t have been a coincidence – BMW drivers really love podcasts!”. Are you a BMW driver? Do you listen to podcasts in the car? We’d love to know. 

Personally, I hate it when people listen to loud music in their cars, especially when it’s in a residential area so I was disappointed to learn that it’s women who are most likely to commit this cardinal sin. However, I was not shocked at all to find that it’s young men who prefer to set their volume as high as a default with middle aged women preferring it nice and quiet.

I have never given any thought into what other people like to do in their cars and I love the fact that All Car Leasing have done this study to shed some light on it. I’ve always been one of those people who turns down the volume when I am trying to concentrate on the road and especially when I am trying to do a manoeuvre that I hate – it’s nice to learn that most other people do it too! 

Blame it on the boogie is a pretty big campaign to be fair and I am not doing it much justice here so I’ve attached the infographic they’ve made and the aforementioned podcast episode so if what I’ve covered so far has piqued your interest then I definitely recommend checking them out! 

Blame it on the boogie

Blame it on the boogie by All Car Leasing

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