Tips for Travelling in the sun, snow and rain

Tips for Travelling in the sun, snow and rain

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When travelling by car there are times you may come into contact with different weather conditions, due to this we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on how to prepare for the differing climates.

As well as taking your car for a car service ensuring your safety kit is up to date, and doing the essential checks there are several other ways to prepare both your vehicle and yourself for the journey ahead.

First things first, check your air conditioning is working, otherwise this could feel like a long journey. If you don’t have a/c then invest in some mini battery operated fans to keep the temperature down. Dark seats can get hot too, so taking some white towels to cover them with can help keep the material cool.
Other than keeping cool you will want to protect your eyes from the dazzling sun, so remember to bring sunglasses. If you are travelling with children take sun screens for the windows and also pack some sun lotion to shield their skin.
Remember to also pack plenty of water and take regular breaks to ensure the driver doesn’t get too sleepy. This is a must for almost every journey and is good practice in case you ever find yourself stuck in a traffic jam.

Snow kits at the ready – ice scrapers, shovel and blankets are essential for driving in the snow. Carrying spare coats and gloves is also a great tip to ensure you are prepared for any situation.
Before setting off remember to use anti-freeze, have the de-icer to hand, and check your tyres ensuring the grip is suitable for winter weather and changing them to winter tyres if required.
When driving in snow you should be cautious and take your time.

Driving in the rain is something most people from the UK are used to, so your window wipers should be of a good quality to see clearly, when the rain hits.
On rainy days the sky can be grey, meaning the days are dark so having headlights that are in full working order is a must.
When driving in any of these conditions take extra caution and drive slowly, keeping the necessary distance. The video below showcases the appropriate stopping distances for driving in different weather conditions:
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