Why caravanning is the perfect family holiday

Why caravanning is the perfect family holiday

Caravanning to me is the perfect family Holiday but I understand it can be difficult at times. The most recent trip we went on, Matilda (4) managed to catch her finger which resulted in a blister. She proceeded to have a meltdown for around 30 minutes just in the middle of us putting up the awning which is a two person job. Times like that can be challenging BUT for all the tantrums caravanning is so very worth it.

I am sure some people think it’s crazy to go caravanning with two young children around Europe but once you have done it then you will never want to stay in a hotel again for some of the following reasons;


I think this is actually one of my favourite reasons. We camped for years and years and no matter how much I would try to be organised the last minute packing was such a performance. Packing with the caravan is so much easier you can throw everything in, including a range of clothing for a range of weather. We also take toy’s and bicycles.

2.Food and Drink

If you are on a tight budget you can load the caravan up with plenty of meals to keep you going. Breakfast is lovely to have either in the caravan or outside the van in warmer weather. If you can afford to eat out you can of course do that but it’s nice and often easier with younger children to have the option to be able to eat at the caravan.


The children will soon make other friends, I find pretty much as soon as we arrive they will find children to start talking to and it’s lovely watching them getting to know each other. Often at sites in France chateau owners will organise bbqs that you can come to with food and share with others and get to know people. If you want it to be, caravanning can be a very social thing.


Not all sites but most are pet friendly so you can bring all the family with you. I have seen cats and rabbits as well as dogs on some sites.

5.Spending time outdoors

By the end of the Summer the children have pretty much turned feral from the amount of time we have spent off with the caravan and enjoying playing outside. The campsites are generally in great natural settings – or, when you’re on the road, you can just park up somewhere amazing and open the doors. Nothing is more glorious than seeing them glow inside and out from spending so much time outdoors.


I love the freedom of owning a caravan. Even in winter if you decide you want a couple of days away you can hook up the caravan and go. Just throw some clothes in and some food and go. It’s also about the huge variation of different places you can go to.

7. Discovering new areas and activities

You will travel and go to places you wouldn’t normally. When we have set up the van we travel around quite a lot and it’s a wonderful experience for you and the children. Whilst spending time away you may do activities you wouldn’t normally, the children will learn new skills and they are meeting people from all over the world.

8. Spending time together

This is actually my favourite thing. You are living in a small space but that brings you together. It’s lovely to spend time cooking and eating together, relaxing and just talking away from technology and the general craziness of life. This article on caravanning with children may be of interest too.

For us it works. We love the freedom, life outdoors and closeness it brings. I can’t wait to get back to France this Summer and the children love being in the caravan, they don’t call it the caravan they call it home and that’s exactly what it is.

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