Top Five Family Festivals 2018

Top Five Family Festivals 2018

So many festivals and so little Summer. The choice is huge now. When I first started writing about and taking the children to festivals you really didn’t have much choice but you could now spend a whole summer going from one festival to another. It’s hard for me not to be slightly biased towards some festivals as I work at them but my favourites are based on my experiences and my sons (he helped with this post) and friends experiences. We have picked five favourites and have listed in no particular order.

1. Starry Skies 

Located in Herefordshire – 8th till 12th August

Adult tickets £166.95 / children 3-17 £40 (under 3 free)

You won’t find any big bands playing at starry skies, in fact you would struggle to find any bands at all. Set in absolutely beautiful surroundings it’s really like family camping with festival experiences thrown in. If you like a quieter-paced festival emphasising outdoorsy family fun, this is the one for you.

2. Green Man festival

Located within the Brecon Beacons – 16th-19th August 

Adult tickets £180 / children £20 / teen £115 

Green Man is one that we never miss. The list for us going is endless but the location, the music, the kids space, the stages, I could go on. For more information check out my my review from a couple of years ago.. Greenman

3. Nozstock Festival  

located in Herefordshire – 20th till 22nd July 

Adult tickets £130 / children under 12s free / teens £105 

We have missed Nozstock the last couple of years as we’ve been away for it but we really want to try and get to it this year. A relatively small festival which is nice for the children and you can relax without worrying to much about them getting lost. Dylan is very festival confident and I would have no issues with him going for a wander with a friend in the day at Nozstock. The people who go generally go year after year and you often see the same faces so it’s a bit like meeting up with family every year. It’s a few years old now but this is my review from the last time we went.. Nozstock

4. Blissfields (Blisscamp this year) 

located in Winchester – 5th till 8th of July 

Adult tickets £105 / children 0-9 £15 / teen £90

We absolutely love Blissfields. It is Dylan’s favourite, he loves the small space and knows it like the back of his hand. The weather is always good and it always has a great atmosphere. This year things are slightly different and the lovely people at Bliss have taken things back to the routes. I’m really excited to see what they have planned and if you haven’t decided on a festival yet this is one to check out. It will be different this year but this is my last bliss review … Blissfields

5. Just so Festival  

located in Cheshire – 17th August- 19th August 

Adult tickets £135 / children £50 (under 3 free) 

One of these years we will make it to Just so festival. Everyone always goes on about how fab it is but we are always away and miss it. Maybe this will be the year. A perfect family festival and if you are new to festivals or have never been with children before this is a perfect one to try out first.

To finish off here is a few more I would definitely check out;

Bearded Theory – a brilliant line up this year

Boomtown – maybe not for the new to festival families but if you have experienced a few go and check it out.

Chilled in a field – a very popular family festival with families returning year after year.

Lakefest – Based at beautiful Eastnor Castle, a large festival with loads of children’s activities.

Let me know if you have any of these festivals booked or do you have plans to go to any others? Let the summer countdown commence!

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11 thoughts on “Top Five Family Festivals 2018

  1. What a great list. We’ve never done a festival, but I like the idea of some of the more chilled family friendly ones. I think my son would love it! This year is probably out, but definitely something to think about for next summer, so I will refer back to your list then. Thank you so much for sharing with us #AdventureCalling

    1. We tend to have a summer of festivals then the following year a summer of travelling with the van. This year is a festival summer so let’s hope the mud stays away!

  2. I like the sound of Starry Skies, I’ll definitely bear that in mind. We went to the Big Feastival last year and I was a bit disappointed, it all seemed like a money making machine with food and drink costing a fortune. We live very close to Wilkestock but tend to be away when it happens. I might try to get to it this year to see how it compares. #familytraveltips

    1. The likes of big Feastival can be soooo expensive. They charge for everything and you need a full wallet. The smaller festivals can be much more manageable, they don’t tend to have a main arena so you can walk around with your own food and drinks. I know some of the big ones even charge you to take in bottles of water which is outrageous x

  3. I love the sound of Blissfields we are still yet to go a festival as family but this one really does sound very enticing! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub xx

  4. Love this post and I’m loving the new website! We would like to try to get to Nozstock as well this year, heard really good reports about it last year. The one at Eastnor sounds fab too. Thanks for linking up to #FamilyTravelTips

    1. You would love Nozstock Nat, maybe even look at going for the day to start with so you know what to expect and thank you a good friend advised me on the new site 😉

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