Thoughts and happenings

All sorts go in here but mainly pieces personal to me. From my anxiety to how  I’m generally feeling at a particular time.

10 reasons to get children involved in gardening

We have all heard that being outside in the fresh air has amazing health benefits. We have also heard that planting flowers can be therapeutic. But did you know that gardening has amazing developmental benefits…

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10 ways natural playgrounds help benefit children’s development

Playgrounds aren’t just about entertainment – they’re a key part of a child’s development. From confronting danger with climbing structures to social skills garnered by interaction in a play environment, playing outside helps children grow.…

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A small window in time – let them play

The statement in the above picture is one I often think about. It was written by Magda Gerber who was an early childhood educator in the United States and is known for teaching parents and children.…

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Anxiety and me

78 days (at this current time) since the doctor told me to take time out. 78 days since I was told I have anxiety and stress. I could break it down to the hours and…

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Tuesday’s thoughts – Being a exausted working mum

I have been working crazy shifts. Working though the night and working till 11pm with the odd 7am shift thrown in. It works around the children and childcare and I am lucky to be able…

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