Creating a bird bath

Creating a bird bath

We love the RSPB activities. We have already made hedgehog cafes and gone Pond Dipping and rock pooling so this time we decided to give making a bird bath a go a bird bath. Here are some tips for making a bird bath;

  • Bird baths should be shallow rather than deep. A good rule of thumb is no more than 3 inches deep. A graduated edge is good, too, so birds can ease their way in to a level that’s comfortable for them.
  • Avoid an overly slick surface for the bowl. Just like you in the bathtub, birds don’t want to feel like they might slip. Textured concrete is preferable to smooth glass. Also, be sure the birdbath is stable – birds will probably avoid it if it’s wobbly.
  • Birds need cooler water in the summer, so don’t be afraid to place your birdbath in the shade of a tree. In fact, this may encourage birds to use it, as they have an easy place to escape to if they feel threatened. However, avoid placing it too near shrubbery or heavy overgrowth where predators such as neighborhood cats can hide.
  • Keep the water fresh. In warmer climates and seasons, this may mean emptying the bowl and refilling it daily. Rain water is preferable to that from the tap.

As most of the things we create we kept it as simple and low cost as possible. We used a bin lid, a couple of old flower pots, paint and stones. 

You could buy a flat flower tray rather than a bin lid and concrete pots work really well if you have any. Logs can work if you make one hollow and let it fill with rain water. Whatever works with what you have available really. You can log on to the rspb site and tick off the bird making activity with the children and just enjoy making it.

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