Review – I want to ride my Micro trike

Review – I want to ride my Micro trike

Matilda is a very strong willed, independent 3 year old. On a daily basis she tell me “I’m a big girl mummy” and is always insistent she can do anything and everything. This is not a bad thing. I like the fact she has her own mind but sometimes when shopping and in busy places I could do with her being close to me. Not striding off at her own pace to do her own thing. This is where the micro trike has been invaluable.

Not really keen on going in a buggy anymore but she is very unsure about her balance bike. Always happy to go in her yipee yo cart but sometimes it is to big when you want something to throw in the car. A few months ago we were contacted by micro trikes and asked if we would be interested in road testing one of their new micro trikes. I had a look at the description and details on the micro scooter site and thought why not? 

The Micro Trike is most importantly Portable. It’s lightweight and easy to fold so it can be stored in the smallest of spaces. Handy when you live in a very small cottage. It is really simple to fold and unfold and you can quickly fold it up and carry it when it is not being used.

With a sturdy seat, cosy handlegrips and an adjustable footrest Matilda was really comfortable, as soon as she got on it she was confident and happy and really didn’t want to get off. We have a balance bike but she just won’t even attempt to go on it but the micro trike is building her confidence and she will at least now sit on the balance bike. 

It’s so refreshing not to have to deal with a heavy, clunky pram. It is incredibly lightweight and a breeze to push and steer. Her big brother can push her around with no trouble and even Matilda herself has pushed it with her dolls strapped on! It doesn’t clatter or bobble along the ground instead it is quiet, smooth, understated and a practical design.

A couple of honest negatives, my husband isn’t particularly tall (5ft 10) but he found the handle quite short and did on times feel like he was bent over using it. It does have a safety strap but it wasn’t the best, I believe they are working on a better one at the moment. It’s not really designed for using off road and we live out in the sticks so it’s really kept for visits to town but we did actually take it to Nozstock festival recently and it worked perfectly well in fact it was a life saver as the day went on and she got tired.

The micro trike is available to buy now for £79.95 from and can be purchased direct from the micro scooter website or via Amazon.

It comes in a choice of black, blue, white or pink. It’s recommended from age 18 months and the maximum weight 20kg / 3st 2lbs. We love it and would absolutely not be without it and nor would Matilda!


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