We love to make and create with play. All play ideas will be shared here in this section

Quick Play Ideas

  Quick play ideas You may be filled with dread at the thought of doing any play ideas which involve paint and glue. On a day off from work with little time to fit everything…

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A different stroke.

Today we got the paint brushes out but not traditional style brushes. Little hands can struggle to hold traditional style brushes so we made something a little easier for a one year old to hold. We used…

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Flower art

Although we love flowers let’s not forget that the bee’s love flowers too. We only pick and play with flowers that will end up in the belly of the mower. The bee’s need for them…

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Making a fairy festival camp

We love a fairy house, surely everyone does? Be it with sticks, stones, leaves or grass all you need is a little imagination and a good sprinkle of fairy dust to create a home. For…

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Getting baby to recreate bump photographs

A year ago to the day a professional photographer took a number of stunning photograph’s of a very large baby bump. Today we went out and tried to recreate some of the photographs and had…

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