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The flying seagull project

  We first met the Flying Seagulls at Wilderness Festival in 2012.  One of the first areas we tend to head for is the children’s area at any festival. Within minutes we noticed the Seagulls,…

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Preserving Memories

My Mum writes in a diary every single night. I was reminded of the diaries when I recently stayed and went into the cupboard under the stairs. On the shelves she has diaries going back…

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My Sunday photo #1

Sunday is going to start to be a big photo publishing day. I would love to see any photos you take on a Sunday too. This afternoon the sun has well and truly arrived at…

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What do children learn at festivals

I love festivals but my reasons for going to them have over the years changed and my circumstances have certainly changed. Before it was all about me and my friends, now it’s not just about…

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Wishing away milestones

  Pretty much from the minute your baby arrives into this world the tests and watching for development milestones start. I have been determined with my second and last child that I will not get…

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