We travel a lot most of the time with the caravan in tow. I like to write and share where and what we do and hope it helps to give others advise and ideas

Five tips for choosing a perfect family car

“Sponsored post” A family car is different from other types of car. It is a taxi, a baby changing facility, a dining room (but a messy dining room), a place to throw temper tantrums (often…

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To France and back again – Travelling tips

We fell in love with France last year and we did the thing we always said we would not do, we came back again this year. We even visited one of the same sites as…

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Caravanning with children

Last summer we headed off to France for a couple of weeks towing the caravan. Dylan was 7 years old and Matilda 16 months. We have always camped and we had long weekends away with…

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Camping we will go – recommended campsites

With the recommendations of campsites and caravan sites from a group I help administrate called ‘family days local places to go in South Wales’ the following list has been produced. The list is made up of mainly…

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Bluestone – No such thing as bad weather

It rained and rained then rained some more. From the second we arrived till the second we left it rained but as my husband always tells me “there is no such thing as bad weather…

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